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Albany, NY




Do you work on holidays?

Of course! That's often when we're needed most. However, there is a $5 surcharge for the following high volume days:

  • New Year's Eve

  • Easter

  • Memorial Day

  • July 4th

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

How much do you charge? 

Prices vary by service, see our Rates page for details. 

How long are your visits?

Standard cat sitting visits are 20 minutes.

How do you handle my keys?

We prefer if you keep keys on file with us (two copies that are securely stored separately in case of emergency). If you choose not to, there is a $15 fee for the key return.  

Does my pet need to be current on vaccinations?

Yes, for the safety of both us and our other customers all pets must be up to date on the rabies vaccine (as required by New York state law).  Other vaccinations are recommended as well (based on veterinary recommendations). 

What happens if my return is delayed or something happens to me while I'm gone?

Your pet will never be left unattended unless we know you are home safely.  We ask you to alert us (by email or text) when you are back home and we will not discontinue visits unless you do contact us.  (We will try and contact you before we continue the visits but please try and remember to contact us upon your return.)

What are my payment options?

Payment can be made by cash, check, or debit/credit. 

What is a new client meeting?

Every cat sitting client needs to have an initial new client meeting.  There is no charge for this meeting.  The meeting is so that we can meet your cat(s), get a key on file, and have show us what your cat(s) will need.  You should expect the meeting to last 15-30 minutes depending on your circumstances. 

When can new client meetings be scheduled? How do I schedule one?

New client meetings can be scheduled during the day on Monday through Friday and evenings on Monday through Thursday. Weekends are too busy with pet sitting appointments.  

What happens if my pet gets sick?

If there is a medical concern about your pet, we will contact you by phone and/or email. If we can't reach you, we'll try one of the emergency contacts that you provided. We will have your vet's information on file from the new client meeting. If your pet is believed to be in a life-threatening situation we will transport him/her to the vet or to one of the 24 hour emergency vets (based on where we can get seen sooner).

What emergency plans do you have for weather?

We prepare our vehicles for snow & ice as much as possible. We will make all reasonable attempts to drive safely to your home and care for your pets as soon as possible in inclement weather. We will even walk to your home if distance and weather conditions allow. However, we strongly recommend that you give a house key to a trusted neighbor in case roads are closed or impassible due to snow, ice, flooding, etc.  We reserve the right to cancel visits if we are unable to safely reach your home and you will be immediately notified if that's the case.  

Do you have a backup in case something happens to you?

In case of emergency, all appointments will ALWAYS be covered.  

How do you keep in touch with me about your visit?

Petsitting clients can choose to be updated about their pet(s) by emailed report card or written note (left in your home).